Fledging Shell is featured in Yanko Design

Fledging Shell is featured in Yanko Design

Posted by Max Polec on Mar 11th 2019

Fledging moved into the external storage space in late 2018 with our premium product, Shell. We are thankful that Yanko Design did a feature on our product. Shell is fast with an average transfer speed of 1GB/s making it 10x faster than external HDD and 2x faster than other portable SSDs.

Shell is the ideal external storage solution for high-quality content designers and engineers; data analysts who transfer large amounts of data; high-end gamers who desire to greatly speed up game loading times on their PC or console; tech enthusiasts who want the best performing solution on the market; and everyday people looking for a safe, reliable device to store their data on

The feature from Yanko Design can be read here.

You can purchase Shell here.