"How Startups Helped Birmingham Bounce Back" - Hint: Fledging's involved!

"How Startups Helped Birmingham Bounce Back" - Hint: Fledging's involved!

Posted by Ethan Summers on Jan 17th 2020

Check out Entrepeneur.com's latest guest post from Jeff Barrett of Status Creative on Birmingham's startup renaissance!

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On Birmingham:

"The most interesting place I visited in 2019 was Birmingham, Alabama. It wasn’t my first time. I spoke at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) in 2015 and had a great experience, but what changed over the ensuing four years was an absolute shift in energy, an upward trajectory."

On Innovation Depot:

"Over the last five years, the Innovation Depot has created 1,000 new jobs and delivered an economic impact of $1.6 billion. Companies started there raise, on average, more than $50 million a year."

On Fledging's startup friends like Mixtroz:

"Three years ago, they were struggling to get off the ground in Nashville. That's when Innovation Depot found them and invested in them. But the rest was all Mixtroz. They just needed the support system. Kerry and Ashlee became the 37th and 38th African-American females to raise more than $1 million for a startup, an impressive feat."

And on Fledging!

"I also met Weida Tan, a former UAB student who started making homemade, more efficient storage adapters for Apple devices and sold them online. In a couple of years, he has turned that idea in to a full company, Fledging, and secured a $1.1 million investment."

We're working hard to turn that investment into two new product lines this spring as we continue bringing premium electronics to everyone!

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