Meet Dan Pointer - Operations Intern

Meet Dan Pointer - Operations Intern

Posted by Dan Pointer on Jul 15th 2019

Growing up in Dallas, Texas left quite an impression on me pertaining towards entrepreneurship, technological innovation, and start ups. I remember reading Dallas luminary Mark Cuban’s blog often as a teenager, and it resonated with me in a singular way. Cuban not only recognized he was a bad employee because he didn’t want bureaucratic processes to ruin opportunities, he embraced this fact. This attitude of chasing the deal and trying to do things in your own manner still stays with me to this day.

I currently study finance at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and I’ll be graduating this December. I wound up picking a finance degree because I wanted to build a hard, marketable skill set to complement my entrepreneurial desires and naturally developed soft skills. My roles at school such as Alternatives Portfolio Manager for the Green and Gold Fund and Quantitative Methods Supplemental Instructor have helped me develop an analytical bent. I’ve discovered it’s tremendously exciting to find insight from accumulated data.

Putting those insights into action is what makes a business perform at the next level. However pursuing a traditional finance route is fraught with the inability to influence change fast. This is what led me to the type of role I’m currently carving out at Fledging. On paper my title reads Operations Intern which entails everything from logistics, managing inventory, quality assurance, and assisting other platform heads with whatever might come up. Amongst it all, I’m also trying to gather data and perform various analyses to increase efficiency throughout our Operations department and broader business at large.

The incredible team at Fledging has been absolutely wonderful to me in my short time here thus far! They’ve allowed me the latitude to explore what I’m passionate about even if it’s subject matter that isn’t under my own umbrella. When I think of my dream job, one thing that I unequivocally must have is to be surrounded by talented people. Fledgling has this in spades. A collective opportunistic, scrappy entrepreneurial excitement pervades the entire team, and it makes you happy to head to the office in the morning. I can’t wait for tomorrow.

When I’m not at the office, you can find me playing ice hockey for the Sam Adams Silver League team down in Pelham, Al, running my dogs (they’re really running me), and exploring all of the great restaurants around the greater Birmingham area. The food here is astoundingly good.

Fledging has a bright future moving forward and I selfishly cannot wait to see how we #TakeFlight in 2019!