Meet Praketa Saxena - Software Developer Intern

Meet Praketa Saxena - Software Developer Intern

Posted by Praketa Saxena on Jul 29th 2019

I am Praketa (“Pra-Kate”) and I like to get to the bottom of every problem and take a crack at it, albeit “differently”.

I am currently a master’s student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and I’ll be graduating in the Fall of 2019. I am studying Computer Engineering as my major. I am a “doer”, and love being in the center of action, orchestrating the moves related to both my professional and personal life. It is important to me that I deliver value and respect to any person I associate with, in any capacity.

I actually came back to school after working in big corporate for 4 years. I felt it was important for me to get back to school and back to building more of what I would enjoy, instead of chasing money that was not satisfying me. I am actually an Aerospace Engineer that can code. Give me any challenge and I will not step back from taking a crack at it.

Engineering is tough, but it is honest; it can be frustrating, but it helps us move mountains, give us all a reason to unite on a problem that otherwise seemed impossible. I want to serve as a decent engineer for as long as God permits, that is the dream.

Fledging has been an incredible place of learning for me and am very grateful for the opportunity that they have given me to architect their software systems. I am responsible for deploying our software systems on the cloud and providing data that keeps the company in a healthy state. The role is quite critical as these systems are high availability, multiple redundancy systems, which serve the internal members of the team. The entire team is very accessible and supportive of the initiatives I pick up. Fledging is an incredible place to work and interact with great people!

I love Badminton, running, wine on Thursdays, and a legitimate meal at a nice local place. Cooking, music, and a good read is what keeps me going. You know of good local place to eat or have a glass of wine, please let me know