Save Thousands By Reviving Your Old MacBook

Posted by Daniel Bolus on Mar 18th 2019

Save Thousands By Reviving Your Old MacBook

If you have an old MacBook, you may be pressured by advertisements to throw it away and buy the latest and greatest edition or make the never-forgiven switch to PC. After all, your old MacBook may be slowing down or running out of memory, possibly collecting dust in the basement because it became too frustrating to operate. When it is time to take another loan from the bank to purchase a new model, you might think to yourself, am I prepared to sell another organ to fund the next Apple headquarters?

But hold on just a second- what if I told you there was a way around this scenario? A way in which you can transform your old MacBook into a brand-new operating machine with a simple investment of $100. Let’s investigate what this entails, why I recommend it, and why I became part of a startup that revitalizes hundreds of MacBooks every week using this solution.

1) The solution: replace your MacBook’s memory, known as a solid state drive (SSD)

This is it, the one simple way you can transform your MacBook. A solid state drive is a small piece of electronic equipment that stores the memory in your computer (all your photos, videos, applications, etc.) The speed at which you can operate your computer depends heavily on how advanced of a solid state drive you are using.

In recent years, the price of solid state drives has plummeted while at the same time drastically improved in performance, allowing consumers a unique opportunity to exploit the benefits. All it takes to replace your old, slow solid state drive on your MacBook with a new one is two screwdrivers and about 10 minutes of your time. If you can put batteries into a toy, you can change out the solid state drive in your MacBook. With a new solid state drive, your MacBook will feel and operate better than when you first opened that expensive box years ago.

You may be thinking: “this sound too good to be true. There must be a catch!” The answer in the past was, yes. Apple has historically used proprietary electronic connections for its solid state drives that no one (besides Apple) knew how to replicate. Apple SSDs were so expensive that it only made practical sense to buy a new computer.

But fear not: with necessity comes innovation. About a year ago, a startup known as Fledging partnered with top SSD manufacturers to make Apple SSD replacements that are even FASTER than original Apple SSDs at a fraction of the cost. Fledging has done so well, they have captured the attention of hundreds of computer repair shops worldwide, with over 5,000 very pleased customers, including myself (I was such a pleased customer that I started working for Fledging).

2) The motivation: save the planet and your pocket

Yes, reviving your old MacBook is great for you and your pocket, allowing you to save thousands of dollars with one simple replacement part. However, this simple act of selfishness also comes with a significant and positive environmental impact. We as humans are sometimes so carelessly wasteful letting top-notch equipment go to waste because we are always wanting the latest and greatest technology. Replacing your MacBook’s SSD is an amazing environmental compromise; you get the blazing fast speeds you always dreamed of while reusing all the other expensive, top-of-the line equipment your old MacBook already has. This is no longer just a quick way to revive your MacBook, but rather playing a part in a larger, more significant movement to stop big companies like Apple from forcing us to toss amazing electronics in the trash. It is time we focus and put our money towards smart, replaceable, and upgradable technology, and away from fleeting, non-upgradable aluminum waste.

3) The execution: buy a compatible SSD, take 10 minutes to install it

All you need to do is go to, verify that your MacBook is upgradable, and purchase a solid state drive for your model MacBook. It will come with free shipping, free customer support, and free screwdrivers to open the back of your MacBook and replace your SSD (again, literally one screw, I don’t know why no one told me how easy it was before).

4) The reward: an extension of the lifetime of your MacBook

We estimate that the speed, memory, and reliability upgrade you will get when replacing your SSD will give your Mac about three extra years of amazing life. This is backed by Fledging’s 5-year warranty for all its customers. If that isn’t convincing, then also note that Fledging has a 60 day no-questions asked return policy for a full refund. I don’t know how it can get any better than that.

If you are unsure about if your MacBook is upgradable, want to reach out to ask us questions, or want to tell us how excited you are to revive your Mac, please reach out to us at We are happy to help and will respond rain or shine via our own MacBooks (that we bought for cheap and revived with our SSD solution).