Why You Need A Portable SSD Today

Why You Need A Portable SSD Today

Posted by Max Polec on May 27th 2019

What is an SSD?

A solid state drive (SSD) is one of the fastest data storage solutions on the market these days, reaching incredible read and write speeds even with external connections. The newest SSD technology can reach up to several gigabytes of read/write speeds using fancy words such as "NVMe" (non-volatile memory express) and "PCIe" (peripheral component interconnect express). These words mean, respectively, a fast way to interpret data over a fast connection.

Why do I need an external, portable SSD?

Essentially, it's fast. And speed is everything these days. Faster load times lead to higher productivity. Below I've outlined some of the top reasons people purchase portable SSDs and why I think more people should join the movement:

System backups:

Backing up your computer on an external device has never been so fast. Portable SSDs are like backup wizards, encouraging you to back up your device quickly and often so you don't have to worry about spilling coffee on your computer and losing everything you own in one sad, clumsy moment.

For Gamers:

The world of gaming is very exciting, and sometimes load time can mean everything. Loading into a game on devices such as an Xbox One or a PS4 can be reduced almost in half by investing in an external SSD for your device.

Here's an additional plus for gamers who stream on Twitch: transferring an entire set of captured gaming videos to a video editor can be accomplished in a matter of seconds.

For Creatives:

To all the videographers, musical producers, designers, and photographers out there, this is for you. Creatives from all over the world are figuring out that using an external SSD to store and edit their content is what many call a life-changing investment. Let me give you some examples of how creatives have hacked this new external SSD technology:

  • Transfer and work on your projects across multiple devices in a matter of seconds. With a fast external data transfer speed, loading your huge projects, such as entire podcasts or video shoots, from your work desktop to your personal laptop can take less than a minute.
  • Edit videos directly on your portable SSD. Some users choose to use their portable SSDs as an entire operating system and work on their projects across multiple platforms without having to download anything on their local desktop.
  • Storing music samples on an external SSD can boost load times while making a project and save room on local storage.

For Researchers:

Speaking of copying gigabytes of raw data in seconds, research labs, especially those focused on imaging, can generate gigabytes of data in a very short amount of time. Sharing this data quickly to others can sometimes be quite the hassle but can be mitigated by using an external SSD to your advantage.

For Tinkerers:

What I love about my external SSD is that I can play around with it. I have a virtual playground without worrying about the consequences. I essentially run an entire operating system on my external SSD and test out any new updates, features, and applications before applying changes on my internal SSD. Sometimes I run wild and create 20 partitions only to erase everything that same day and start over. Point is, who cares what happens to it, and with that attitude, amazing discoveries are made that I would otherwise be too afraid to make out of fear of ruining my internal drive.


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