Mar 3, 2021

The Life of a Videographer with iPad and Hubble

"My personal use case for the Hubble for iPad is going to focus on mobile content creation, photography and video production. Instead of carrying around a whole bunch of random cables and hubs I can now use the Hubble, with its integrated SD slot and HDMI port to transfer data from my mirrorless camera... My workflow has just become THAT much easier thanks to the Hubble for iPad.”

Mar 3, 2021

Why Hubble? Because your iPad is built to break and to be lonely

“The Hubble for iPad — from a Birmingham, Ala. company called Fledging — is an actual all-in-one hub case for the tablet that includes slots for USB-A, USB-C, microSD cards, SD cards, HDMI that supports up to 4K 60Hz for screen mirroring, and a 3.5 millimeter audio headphone jack. And it’s simply outstanding.” - Scott Kramer, Forbes

Feb 3, 2021

We all have to pay the Tax Man... and Import Duties, Customs Duties, and VAT are all your local taxes

Taxes. Customs. Import duties. Customs duty. VAT. All fancy ways of saying “this is what my government is charging m...

Feb 3, 2021

You feel the need.... the need for (Shell Thunder) speed. But you're not getting it. Here's what to do.

So you bought a Shell Thunder NVMe SSD Enclosure for Thunderbolt 3. And it’s not living up to our hype - up to 3000 MBps Read and 2500 MBps Write. Let’s make sure your Shell Thunder SSD Enclosure is working as fast as you do.  

Feb 3, 2021

It's not us, it's Apple. OS Upgrades and 3rd Party SSDs - SSD Upgrade Woes and Whoas

Don’t have time to read the whole blog? Here’s the takeaway: Wait up to 6 months before upgrading to the newest macOS. Older systems perform about as well and are way more stable.

Feb 1, 2021

Should you use cloud storage or external storage for backups? SSD Upgrade Woes and Whoas

Life is shifting to The Cloud(™). Cloud-based storage offers major advantages, including the ability to access your data from anywhere on (or around!) the planet. All you need is a reliable signal or Wifi connection.  Hard storage, AKA storage you can hold in your hand, offers tons of advantages too, like not needing a data connection and writing files at much faster speeds. What the heck does any of this have to do with upgrading my Mac’s SSD? Well, everything.

Jan 20, 2021

Laptops, Desktops, and Supertablets, oh my! The Future of Tablets

Tablet tech had headed three fun directions. We want to celebrate each of those today - The Laptop Tablet, The Desktop Tablet, and the Supertablet. And of course, you could always just use the iPad all by itself, if that’s your thing. We're here to talk about all three today. 

Jan 11, 2021

Can You Use a Thunderbolt SSD with a 2013 MacBook?

Thunderbolt has taken the tech world by storm. Apple removed all ports except the Thunderbolt 3 from MacBooks a few y...

Jan 11, 2021

What is a Thunderbolt SSD Enclosure?

The more you dive into the world of MacBook tech, the more terms you’ll come across. If you want your MacBook to run ...

Dec 23, 2020

Protect your art with an SSD External Enclosure - Creative Canvas

We’re all here to make beautiful content. Internal and external SSD storage is here to safeguard that content for you, your company, the client, and the customer. 

Dec 9, 2020

Upgrade the SSD in your Mac Pro A1481 with Feather SSD by Fledging

In this article, we’ll explain the three main benefits of upgrading your Mac Pro A1481 with Feather M13 Turbo and how you can buy Feather for your Mac Pro.
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