How to upgrade an SSD

Fledging’s story begins in a familiar way to millions of people every year: something was wrong with our MacBook.

Check out Google.

“macbook ssd” has 122,000,000 hits.

“macbook pro ssd upgrade” has 114,000,000 hits.

“my macbook is slow” has 24,800,000 hits.

When you search phrases like “my macbook pro is slow”, articles like this one from by Kayla Myrhow in August 2018 show up with detailed instructions on how to make that nifty little device work better.

YouTube is full of videos showing you how it's done. 

Even Forbes is in the game. The titan of business journalism published this article by Ben Moon in July 2019 that pops up when you Google “how to upgrade macbook ssd air”. So do 68,399,999 other results.

That’s a lot of stuff about the simple topic of making your MacBook work well for you. But all that pales in comparison to:

“how to upgrade macbook pro”

One billion. Two hundred million. Hits.

For a sense of scale, “trump” has just 1,610,000,000 hits. The President of the United States is only 34% more popular on Google than “how to upgrade macbook pro”.

That’s how Fledging began. Our founder’s MacBook died. Not to be deterred, he cobbled together a solution instead of purchasing a new MacBook for $1000 or more. A niche product was created to help solve the problem.

The internet offers lots of options. The search results speak for themselves. But no one offers the all-in-one solution with a Customer Delight focus like Fledging does.

We created Feather SSD, a full MacBook upgrade kit for MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, and more from 2010 to 2016

Each Feather SSD includes the tools you need, a pre-loaded operating system to save you time and technical effort, installation instructions, and full support from our Customer Success team. It's a plug-and-pay solution that typically takes 10-15 minutes and saves you a ton of money.

And guess what? Our Customer Success team is a real team led by a real person, not just a robotic voice asking you to keep pressing 9 even though you both know the robot understood what you said (Call us at 1 205 240 6047 or email us at, by the way)

Sadly, Apple started soldering SSD’s right into the computer during a design overhaul in 2016. We won’t speculate about why they chose to do this, but we do know it makes it impossible for people like you to add more capacity to your device. 

That’s where the Shell family came from. Shell exists to add capacity to your MacBook when Apple won’t let you.

Shell by Fledging is an SSD enclosure designed for USB-A and USB-C. This nifty little fan-cooled enclosure means you can add up to 4 terabytes of external memory to any USB-enabled device without buying a new MacBook.

And Shell Thunder by Fledging is the Thunderbolt 3 version of Shell. Also a fan-cooled enclosure, Thunder is one of the only true Thunderbolt 3 enclosures on the market. It stays cool to the touch even under heavy load with that immense 4 terabyte SSD, adding external memory at a blistering 2800 MB/s Read and 2500 MB/s Write to any Thunderbolt 3-enabled device – like the 2019 MacBook Pro, which costs a rent-eating $2,800 for a 16-inch screen with just 1 terabyte, and $3,800 for 4 terabytes.

The Shell family is perfect for creators, content producers, or anyone who handles a lot of data fast and can't afford to lose it. And it’s our extension of Feather SSD’s value to you – keep doing what you love, without paying the Apple premium for a new MacBook. That's premium electronics for everyone. 

Give us a chance to help your device #takeflight. 


Fledging Team

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