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Introducing Fledging’s Improved M13 Adapter!

We’ve said it before and we always mean it: Customer success is our priority at Fledging

Our team constantly pursues product improvements. One in particular needed some immediate attention: M13.


1. Customers told Fledging about an M13 issue

2. Fledging traced the issue to our adapter

3. Fledging upgraded the adapter

4. The issue is resolved!


What happened?

Our repair shops partners helped identify a handful of cases where Fledging’s M13 stability was called into question. So, our R&D team joined forces with the Customer Success team to gather data on the cause of the stability concerns and develop a new adapter version to resolve those concerns.


What did we do about it?

Some devices experienced a total lack of M13 SSD recognition after an unprecedentedly short amount of time. Other devices struggled to recognize the SSD. Our team identified that our adapter caused the issue. We then worked with our production partner on an upgraded design to resolve those issues. 


What's the result?

Since pinpointing the problem and improving the adapter design, the adapter has been carefully tested by our team. Our own CEO has been running his computer with the new adapter for the last eight weeks without any issues. 

We are now thrilled to report that our M13’s stability issue has now been resolved! Our repair shop partners were, well, amazing partners in speaking up about this issue to help us fix it. Thank you!


All three of our values came into play on this issue:

1. Innovating what people love by making M13 an even better product

2. Treating others how they want to be treated by taking the feedback seriously

3. Being humble by working hard with repair shop partners and our production partner to dive deep into the issue, find the cause, and replace all our stock with the upgraded solution


As always, we sincerely appreciate the feedback from each of our customers, making us aware of challenges so that we can create solutions.


  1. Customers told Fledging about an M13 issue
  2. Fledging traced the issue to our adapter
  3. Fledging upgraded the adapter
  4. The issue is resolved!

Laura, Customer Success Manager (laura@fledging.net)

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