Introducing Hubble for iPad! Meet the world's first supertablet

We’ve been working on something amazing for a while. If you follow our social media, or receive our emails, or like Kickstarter, or kept an eye on CES 2021, or read Wall Street Journal, or Forbes, or CNET, or… well, you get the idea. It’s a poorly kept secret.


The Fledging Team is proud to announce Hubble for iPad!


What is it? The world’s first and only supertablet accessory. We’ve integrated a high-performance USB-C hub with a beautifully designed aluminum frame to keep your iPad safe. Hubble for iPad is built for iPad Pro 2018-2020 11” and 12.9” (USB-C series) and the brand new iPad Air 2020 10.9” (USB-C series).

And oh yeah, Hubble beautifully matches your space gray or silver iPad. 


What is a supertablet? It's the tablet you've always wanted. Style. Performance, Durability. Ease of use. Nothing sacrificed, everything gained. The ultimate mobile device. 

(Check out our other blog post about the three fun futures of tablets)


Hubble for iPad creates the world’s only hub+case solution, period.


Why did we create it? Because the iPad is a wonder, with flaws. Who likes having a single port? Just do a quick Google search for “ipad hub” and marvel at the 175,000,000 results. Check out how “ipad case” produces a breathtaking 1,210,000,000 results. That’s a BILLION results. People want to connect their iPad to the world. People want to protect their iPad. So really, they want to do both at once. 

Apple upgraded the iPad Pro from the lightning port to the USB-C port, and we saw an opportunity. USB-C transfers data more than twice as fast as the lightning port. USB-C also supports simultaneous video and power streams. It’s everything the world always wanted. We’re proud of Apple for recognizing this. 


Aren’t there already tons of hubs on the market? Well, yeah. Too many. We believe that whenever that many competitive products enter a market that it means the customer isn’t really delighted with any one solution. Look at the smartphone market: It’s basically just the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, because they’re the best. People are satisfied. So many hubs means people aren’t satisfied.


What’s wrong with market hubs? You want the best USB-C hub for iPad possible. Several issues. First, the connection is typically unstable since the hub just hangs out on the end of the iPad. This might be as an adapter, a dongle, or a relatively stable hub connection. Let’s take a look at the top 3 Amazon results for “ipad hub” to find the problems.


Anker USB-C Hub for iPad Pro ($50, Amazon Prime) - It’s a good little hub with USB-C, SD and microSD, USB-A, HDMI, and 3.5mm audio. That’s every port Hubble offers. It’s a nifty accessory.

But it hangs off your iPad by a single flimsy USB-C connection, practically begging to snap off when you forget to remove it before tossing your iPad in your bag. That insecure connection also means that data and power transfer won’t be rock-solid.


Credit: Anker listing on Amazon


NXPGKEA USB-C Hub for iPad Pro ($44, Amazon Prime) - This second most popular hub is essentially a clone of Anker’s hub, for a bit less money. All the same benefits, and the same risks.


Credit: NXPGKEA listing on Amazon


Stouchi Invisible USB-C Hub for iPad Pro ($40, Amazon Prime) - Stouchi brought a fresh angle to the familiar problem. Offering all the same connectivity as other hubs, this product’s low-profile form factor tucks onto the corner of your iPad… but then awkwardly connects with a little folded cable behind the iPad. We like their innovation a lot, but the same problems remain, the cable is awkward, and this product isn’t compatible with the new iPad Air 2020.

Credit: Stouchi listing on Amazon


Every other iPad hub on the market is a version of this, or worse, an adapter that dangles from a cord and not built specifically for the iPad Pro or iPad Air.


What’s wrong with market cases?

It depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a quirky color or design, or a ruggedized case, or a Magic Keyboard, then nothing… except that few of them support also using a USB-C hub. It's vitally important to protect your iPad against bending and break.

But what if you think the iPad is beautiful? What if you love how the aluminum feels? What if you bought space gray for a reason, dangit, and you don’t want to hide that in a leather folio.

We feel the same way.

We won’t pick on other cases on the market, because that’s a simple style choice. If you want to celebrate your iPad’s wonderful design, Hubble is the only real choice for you. Even the Apple Magic Keyboard hides the iPad.

The only fatal flaw in other cases is if you want both a hub and case. You’re left cobbling together a solution that doesn’t look or feel right, or perform well.


Hubble for iPad integrates a premium USB-C hub with a rigid aluminum case, to marry performance, style, and durability.


Speaking of premium performance, here’s our spec table.

That’s right. We’ve built in everything you want from a USB-C hub, a lot you hadn’t thought of, baked it all into a frame, added a magnetic cover, and priced Hubble to compete with the best. 


Hubble includes:

  1. USB-C charging: up to 30 watts, which is plenty of juice to charge your iPad, fast
  2. USB-C data: Up to 5 GB/s with support for your other USB-C devices including keyboards and other peripherals
  3. USB-A data: Up to 5GB/s with support for your other USB-A devices including keyboards and other peripherals
  4. HDMI output: 4K 60Hz for high-resolution output to large screens
  5. SD Card Reader: For the photographer in all of us, with transfer speeds up to 104 MB/s
  6. microSD Card Reader: For the micro photographer in all of us with the popular UHS-I speed class
  7. 3.5MM audio port: Using the popular AHJ standard, you can finally use your favorite headphones without messing around with awkward adapters
  8. Travel Switch: Hubs drain power. It’s an ugly truth. Hubble is the very first to let you turn the hub off and save power between uses.
  9. Magnetic folding cover: For protecting your screen while on the go, and propping up your iPad while in use
  10. Apple Pencil Support: The frame stays out of the way, letting your Pencil and iPad do their things



What about the price point?

Hubble for iPad retails at $100 for the 11” version (for iPad Pro 11” and iPad Air 2020 10.9”) and $110 for the 12.9” version (for iPad Pro 12.9”).

Compare that to the Anker USB-C Hub linked above, for $50. Add to it Amazon’s Choice for “durable iPad Pro case”, the Urban Armor Folio ($30, and it hides your iPad). You’re in for $80 right away… except that the Urban Armor Folio won’t integrate with the Anker USB-C Hub. Not cool. 

Trade that for $100 worth of premium USB-C hub performance blended into an aerospace-aluminum frame that looks and feels just like your iPad


Here's our complete compatibility list:

iPad Pro 2018 - 11" and 12.9"

iPad Pro 2019 - 11" and 12.9"

iPad Pro 2020 - 11" and 12.9"

iPad Air 2020 - 11" and 12.9"

iPad Air 2020 - 10.9" (This is the only size Apple offers for this model)


The iPad accessory world is wide. You have a billion options for cases alone. But only one product gives you everything you need to explore your world however you want without sacrificing style, durability, or value.


Meet Hubble for iPad.


Buy Hubble for iPad now at!


Fledging Team



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