It's not us, it's Apple. OS Upgrades and 3rd Party SSDs - SSD Upgrade Woes and Whoas

A new OS promises new features and functions, fun visual changes, and maybe some delightful changes that we hadn’t expected. And who doesn’t love new stuff?

Apple’s at it again with the new Big Sur macOS upgrade. macOS upgrades are always exciting. Well, almost always. We’re looking at you, Catalina.

But they also bring some bumps in the road - which is why we always recommend waiting until the second or third patch before changing to a new macOS. 

Sadly, Apple doesn’t like the idea of repairs. Or upgrades. Or any behavior that doesn’t involve you buying a brand new device for several thousand dollars. As hard as we work to make a 3rd party SSD upgrade seamless, there are a few bumps in the road. 

Don’t have time to read the whole blog? Here’s the takeaway: Wait up to 6 months before upgrading to the newest macOS. Older systems perform about as well and are way more stable.

So what do I need to know when upgrading my macOS after I’ve upgraded my Mac with an SSD that Apple didn’t make?

Upgrading too soon can create unknown problems faster than the Feather SSD team can resolve them. This is because Apple doesn’t release its new OS to us any earlier than they do to you. We work hard and fast to test upgrades, but it does take us a little time. 

Gotcha. What kind of problems?

Stability, mostly. Apple has a nasty habit of suddenly not recognizing 3rd party SSDs. This is super fixable in just a few minutes, but it’s scary when it happens to you. 

Apple designs their operating systems for their own SSDs. Even then, they find lots of bugs right away, which is why they so quickly release new versions after releasing the big macOS updates.

Wow, that’s frustrating. What should I do?

Wait to upgrade to the newest macOS, up to 6 months. We know that’s not exciting, but it’s reliable, and you care about your computer doing the same thing, every time, right? Older systems like Mojave and Catalina are ultra stable and offer almost all the same performance as new systems, with none of the bugs. By waiting just a few months, you’re safe from chaos. 

Will my Feather SSD support any new macOS?

Heck yeah! We support High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, and Big Sur. And we don’t see that changing anytime soon, even as Apple releases a new macOS seemingly every year (seriously, what exactly are they upgrading within just 12 months? Shouldn’t that be a patch to the last macOS?).


Now you know the lay of the land for macOS upgrades and 3rd Party SSDs like Feather SSD by Fledging. If you find yourself upgrading a bit too early, that's OK. Just contact us at and Laura will solve this with you!



Fledging Team

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