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Creating beautiful content is exactly as much fun as losing all your files isn’t. We’ve all been there, hours or days into a project, when we lose the files. Maybe it corrupted. Maybe you spilled your fifth cup of coffee on your MacBook. 

And let’s be real - backing up data isn’t something we spend a ton of time thinking about. That’s a backend issue, like remembering that your storage can actually fill up, or worrying about the read/write speeds of whatever drive is inside your device. You don't want to stress about data recovery, building a backup, lost content, or corrupted files. But the last thing anyone will accept is when you miss the deadline and have to tell them, "I lost my data."

We’re all here to make beautiful content. Internal and external SSD storage is here to safeguard that content for you, your company, the client, and the customer. 

We interviewed Michelle, our Content Marketer who makes almost all our graphics in-house, to learn more about the Creative perspective on this technical issue. 

What’s the deal with storage or external data, and why should I care?

“I’ve found creatives, including myself, are often pretty lazy about properly backing up our work. I know I’ve lost a lot of files just because I didn’t take the time to back them up. A simple software glitch is brutal. Total data loss. So a product like Shell Thunder SSD Enclosure or some other external storage device can save your life by protecting your data and can help you recover files from a backup if you need to.”

But you work for Fledging. Why should I care about this?

“I bet almost everyone has lost an important file because they didn’t back it up. Once in college, my 2014 MacBook Air died on me while I was working on a project for finals. I hadn’t backed up a thing and had to race to the store to buy a hard drive and recover whatever I could.”

OK, backing up my art is a good idea. What do I need to know?

“You should always keep data backups in multiple locations. You think you won’t ever lose it - I promise you will. You think it won’t get accidentally encrypted - it will. A professor told me a story about a wedding photographer whose SD cards were accidentally encrypted. They had to spend like $3,000 to recover the photos.”

What else is important?

“I pulled some info from and found that while 91% of people claim to back up their data, 68% will lose data from accidental deletion, hardware failure, software failure, or will try to recover from an out-of-date backup. Meanwhile, 85% of organizations aren’t backing up multiple time per day. That’s a lot of ways to lose a lot of work, fast.”

What exactly is a backup device?

"Well you have a few choices. There are typical external hard drives. That's just like the hard drive in a computer. They have moving parts so they break easily, and they slow compared to new devices. Then you have SSD Enclosures. An SSD, or solid state drive, is the next generation of hard drives. So you can buy an SSD and put it into an enclosure. They have no moving parts so they don't break often. They're also super fast. Fledging only sells SSD Enclosures since they're just better.

USB (Shell) Then there's the connector. Lots of older computers have traditional USB connections. These are also known as USB-A or USB 3.1. It's the regular rectangular connector we're all familiar with. If that's what you want then look at Shell SSD Enclosure. The downside is that USB-A can only read and write files at 500 MB/s. That's very slow.

USB-C (Shell Slim) Most newer computers have a USB-C connection. That's the smaller rectangle with the rounded corners. Every new MacBook has this connection. It's twice as fast as USB-A and can read/write at up to 1000 MB/s. Fledging sells Shell Slim for that. It's cable-free and slips in your pocket.

Thunderbolt 3 (Shell Thunder) Finally, there's Thunderbolt 3. It's shaped just like USB-C but has a little lightning bolt symbol on it. This is as fast as it gets. Shell Thunder can read up to 3,000 MB/s and write up to 2,500 MB/s. That's fast. Up to 6 times as fast as USB-A. You can move whole libraries in just a few minutes. But Shell Thunder won't work with USB-C. That's really important to remember."

Let’s imagine I’ve bought a backup storage device, like Fledging’s Shell Slim for USB-C or Shell Thunder SSD for Thunderbolt 3. What else should I know?

“Backing up the actual data is Step 1. It’s important, but you’re not done. Develop a consistent file structure and way to name files. Don’t be lazy about it like I’ve been in the past. It makes things a lot easier for you and team members down the road when you’ve forgotten everything about the project.”

It sounds like you’ve been here before, Michelle. What do you recommend?

“Buy a freaking Shell Thunder and back your stuff up!”

Fledging offers a flock of SSD Enclosures for USB-A (USB 3.1), USB-C, and Thunderbolt 3. Check them all out here!

Thanks for taking flight with Fledging!

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