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What's an EMC number, and where can I find mine?

What is an EMC number?

EMC stands for “Electromagnetic Compatibility.” This four-digit number is important for detecting whether electronic equipment is compatible without worries of electromagnetic interference. Apple uses this number to identify certain hardware updates beyond model numbers and other identifiers.

The strongest indicator for compatibility between a Fledging Feather SSD and your Apple device is currently your device’s EMC number. Are you trying to determine which of our Feathers you need, but unable to find that elusive 4-digit EMC number? Have no fear! We’re here to help you find it!


How do I find my EMC number?

Most MacBooks, MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs

On the bottom: Generally speaking, the EMC number will be located on the bottom of Apple laptops, among a small host of other details. If you have a protective case on your laptop, you will need to remove it in order to find this number.


Inside the battery bay: Some laptops have been refurbished, or have had the identifying information removed from the outside. In these cases, you can look inside the computer, on the battery bay.

Most iMacs

Under the foot: You will want to carefully lie your iMac down to check this location. It is typically on the front edge of the bottom of the foot.

Most Mac minis

On the right hand side of the interior: Mac mini models have the EMC visible when removing the "spin off" bottom cover for internal access.

Know your EMC number, but still confused?

Leave the compatibility searching up to us! Using Fledging’s EMC Compatibility Checker, we will instantly take the EMC number you input to let you know the best Feather SSD for your needs. If your EMC does not yield a fit for one of our Feathers, we also have enclosures that can serve the same purpose, but would plug into the outside of your computer.

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