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Why You Need an SSD

There’s a lot to say about data storage. There’s even more to say about the types of storage that are best for your computer, lifestyle, workflow, and processing activity. This blog covers the ins and outs of the current must-have hardware for internal storage solutions: Solid State Drives.

Before starting it's important to note that all computers are not compatible with SSDs. Check out our compatibility chart to verify your Apple computer is SSD compatible. Our solid state drive SSDs work with all Apple computers, while our external SSDs work with Desktop PC’s, gaming consoles, and PC laptops.

Is your device not SSD compatible? That's OK. We invented the Shell and Shell Thunder SSD enclosures to bring you the flash memory and storage space benefits of SSDs, from outside your computer.

So why should you consider having an internal Solid State Drive? Let’s imagine that you’re an Apple computer owner, you work 40+ hours a week primarily on your computer and because of Covid-19, you’re spending most of your time in your home and using your computer for personal use as well.

Sure, you could just use a Hard Disk Drive, AKA an HDD. But did you know Solid State Drives use one third of the energy an HDD consumes? This means your computer’s battery will last longer with an SSD?

HDDs are outdated pieces of hardware which are good for storing data but are bulkier, louder, and have slower performance compared to SSDs.

SSDs are SILENT, meaning you won’t know it's there if it’s installed properly. There’s no spin up time, moving parts, or wonky functions that would cause audio interruptions.

What makes them even better? SSDs are lightning fast! HDDs have a disc spin startup, meaning they have to warm up to begin processing data. SSDs have the internal processing power to begin accessing your data instantly with sequential read and write speeds that make your computer process data faster.

Now that we’ve discussed the reasons why you should have an SSD, make sure to select a premium quality, more affordable option for your Apple computer… You know, that one company with the small red bird. You may have heard of them.

Fledging. Premium products for everyone.

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