You feel the need.... the need for (Shell Thunder) speed. But you're not getting it. Here's what to do.

So you bought a Shell Thunder NVMe SSD Enclosure for Thunderbolt 3. And it’s not living up to our hype - up to 3000 MBps Read and 2500 MBps Write.

You like to work fast. We get that. You paid for speed. You’re owed that speed. And no one wants to worry about data loss from their data storage solution. Especially not content creators and data processors who need to work right now.

Thunderbolt 3 by Intel is the fastest thing on the market right now. It’s so fast that Thunderbolt 4 doesn’t even promise to be faster - that slightly different mode’s differences are pretty obscure unless you’re in the high-end performance sector. 

Lots of external drives are being upgraded to Thunderbolt 3, and it’s here to stay for the long haul. Thunderbolt 3 can run up to a blistering 5000 MBps Read and Write, so much faster than market SSDs that Thunderbolt’s claim to the throne is likely safe for years to come.  Which is why we built Shell Thunder to be the best Thunderbolt 3 SSD Enclosure on the market, period. That's what you deserve.


Let’s make sure your Shell Thunder SSD Enclosure is working as fast as you do.


Don’t have time to read the blog? Here’s the takeaway: 

  1. Clear your cache
  2. Plug in your laptop
  3. Update your SSD firmware
  4. Work with 500GB or more
  5. Use the NVMe SSDs we recommend (See the table below)
  6. Clean your Shell Thunder’s fan
  7. Use our Thunderbolt 3 cable
  8. Contact us if none of that works


My Shell Thunder isn’t working as fast as promised. What’s going on?

Not to jump right to "it's not me, it's you", but it's probably your SSD. While Thunder is fast, not every SSD on the market is as fast. Here are some things to watch for.

  1. Clear your cache - Make sure your SSD has plenty of breathing room to work
  2. Check your power supply - Shell Thunder needs 15 watts to run. Some laptops can’t support this if they’re not being charged at the same time. We built Thunder to work even in sub-optimal conditions, but it needs max power to work at max speeds
  3. Check your firmware - SSDs need updates too. Google your SSD’s brand name, such as “WD SN750 Black” and “firmware update” to quickly find the solution
  4. Check your capacity - Thunderbolt 3 likes big, broad highways. Er, we mean, storage. Anything smaller than 500GB won’t give TB3 enough time to get up to full speed. You'll really see Shell Thunder stretch its legs and run when you use a 1 terabyte SSD or larger.


Cool cool cool. I tried all those but it’s still not as fast as promised.

Dang, we hate that. Some SSDs don’t play as well with Shell Thunder. Troublesome SSDs include SSDs by Avant, and unfortunately, the popular Samsung 970 EVO Plus (we're working on it, folks).


We recommend the following SSDs:

  1. Western Digital (WD) SN750 Black series
  2. Anything by Phison
  3. Anything by Sabrent


Just be sure to check the SSD’s promised read/write speeds. If it’s 1500/1500, then that is the limit how how fast the data transfer can happen with Shell Thunder.

Here's how popular NVMe SSDs work with Shell Thunder

Here's how popular NVMe SSDs work with Shell Thunder



What else do I need to know?

Thermal throttling is when your SSD becomes too warm and starts to slow down. The worst case is that heat actually destroys your SSD. Managing heat is important to prevent data loss. How did we fix it? By building in a quiet little fan that turns on at 95F (35C) so that you don't waste power before you need the fan. But fans get dirty. Pop the lid open and give the fan a quick cleaning.

Use the Thunderbolt 3 cable we provided. A lot of 3rd party Thunderbolt 3 cables, well, aren’t. They’re fancy USB-C cables. You need a true Thunderbolt 3 cable to achieve max speeds.

And if none of that works, contact us. We promised performance, and we’re serious about our promises. Treating others how they want to be treated is a core value for Fledging. You want top-end performance. We want to give it to you.



Fledging Team



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