Feather P12
Feather P12

Feather P12

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The Feather P12 is designed specifically for MacBook Pro 2012 to early 2013 (A1398 and A1425).



Feather swiftly outpaces Apple drives and blows the competition away, reaching speeds up to 100% faster than Apple OEM.


Feather P12 utilizes the latest in mSATA  technology, brought to you at the most affordable prices on the market.


Feather was designed to be installed exactly like an Apple SSD. Simply open up your MacBook, plug in, and play. Of course, if you've got questions, we have a full-time support staff standing by.


All Fledging drives are assembled in the United States, and are backed by a 5-year warranty.*

Supported Models


This item is only compatible with the following models:


MacBook Pro Mid 2012 15" - A1398 EMC 2512 - MacBookPro10,1
MacBook Pro Late 2012 13"  - A1425 EMC 2557 - MacBookPro10,2
MacBook Pro Early 2013 15"  - A1398 EMC 2673 - MacBookPro10,1
MacBook Pro Early 2013 13"  - A1425 EMC 2672 - MacBookPro10,2

Model year information is located on the back cover of your machine.


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