How to Install Hubble

  1. Detach the hub from the case. To do this, you'll need the accompanying blue tool to open the hub latches using a sliding motion across.
  2. Place the iPad inside the case.
  3. Reattach the hub to the case. Make sure that the hub is inserted in the USB-C port of the iPad. Please note that the hub latches should be facing away from the iPad when you slide the hub into the case.
  4. Lock the hub latches. A helpful tip is to roll the Hubble on a flat surface.

For more detail, please see our installation video below.

My battery is draining quickly. Is there a way to prevent this?

Make sure your Hubble’s travel switch is in the off position, when not in use, to preserve the battery.

Why did my cover fall off?

The cover is magnetic and detachable, making it convenient for you to remove and reattach at any moment.

How many hours of power should I get from one full charge of my Hubble?

At idle, with no ports in use, the drainage rate is 1.4%/hour. At idle in airplane mode the drainage rate is 0.7%/hour.

Can I use all ports at once? If I do this and don’t plug in the battery charger, would battery drainage increase by the same amount as the first item plugged in?

Yes, battery drainage will increase with increased port usage as more chips are turned on from idle.

Can I attach a keyboard or pair a mouse?

No. But you can use any bluetooth or USB receiver-based wireless keyboard and mouse. When doing this, your iPad Pro must be updated to iPadOS 14 to enable mouse and keyboard support.

Can I plug the base into my MacBook Pro to charge it?

While this is designed for the iPad Pro, the base technically can plug into the charge port for your MacBook Pro and act as a backup power source, so long as the port is a USB-C port.

How can I get 4k 60Hz from Hubble’s HDMI?

The Hubble is capable of reaching 4k 60Hz, but the iPad Air only supports up to 1080p 60Hz. On iPad Pro, the resolution depends on the content source and the capabilities of the output display you would be connected to. To get 4k 60Hz, please verify from your display’s setting.

Why is my port (USB-C, USB-A, HMDI, SD Card, Audio, charging) not working?

Please make sure Hubble is powered on with the travel switch.

Why is the USB-C port unable to transfer data?

One of the USB-C ports is for charging only, and the second port is for data transfer. For data transfer, make sure you are plugged into the port furthest from the power switch.

Why is my Hubble not charging?

In short, you may need a stronger charger.
A USB-C charger rated more than 10W is required to charge Hubble with iPad. We recommend the Apple OEM charger shipped with your iPad.
  1. Make sure the Hubble's travel switch is in the ON position.
  2. Be sure you are using the correct USB-C port. This should be the one closest to the travel switch.
  3. Be sure you are using at least a 10W USB-C wall charger.
If you have checked all of these and are still having trouble charging, please reach out to our customer success team!

How can I see and edit the storage on my SD card?

To be read in Hubble, an SD card must be in Exfat format. NTFS is a Windows format and is not a readable format for Macs. Your SD card’s storage can be seen and edited from the File app.

Why is my SD card not achieving the speeds you promise?

While Hubble’s SD Card Reader can function at 104MB/s, your SD card may not be able to go that fast.

Hubble for iPad Air Warning

For best performance with your iPad Air, when needing the cover to be open and working with a flat surface, we recommend completely removing Hubble's magnetic cover from the Hubble itself. This cover's magnetic attachment to the back of Hubble makes it easy to remove and re-attach.