Installing SSD in Shell Slim

  1. Use the screwdriver provided by Fledging to remove screws 1 and 4.
  • Note: These screws are ultra tiny!
  • Install M.2 SSD into the NVMe socket at 2.
    • It’s best to insert at an angle, as in the image above, and then press down.
  • Fasten SSD screw at 3 and adjust your SSD screw location if you used an SSD shorter than 2280.
  • Put back in the circuit board and fasten screws 1 and 4.
  • Supported Drive Sizes


    What is the maximum capacity SSD Shell Slim can handle?

    The largest capacity SSD Shell Slim can handle is 2TB.

    Are there any brands that are not compatible with Shell Slim?

    Yes, some users have reported connection problems while using the Samsung EVO 970.