Shell Enclosures

Ready to take your Apple device to the next level? Upgrade your laptop’s performance with Fledging's family of SSD enclosures! Shell can be your external SSD for deep storage, lightning-fast work, or a backup for your device. Starting in 2016, Apple started soldering their SSDs directly into their laptops to stop people like you from upgrading your device. With Shell and Shell Thunder, you can boost the storage of your MacBook without breaking the bank! Join the Fledging revolution today!


  • Shell Thunder NVMe SSD Enclosure with Active Cooling


    Shell Thunder

    Shell Thunder is the only NVMe SSD enclosure on the market with active cooling and that is designed specifically for Thunderbolt 3. Don't accept substitutes from people selling USB-C enclosures that technically fit in a Thunderbolt 3 port but don't bring...

    $139.99 - $499.99
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